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Ombati Elizabeth Nyabiage

Ombati Elizabeth Nyabiage

Africa Disability Forum | DPO Engagement Officer

Ombati Elizabeth Nyabiage

Ms. Elizabeth Ombati is a disability rights advocate who participated in WUF10, a member of the Users and Survivors of Psychiatry in Kenya, a membership organisation that works to promote and advocate for the rights of persons with psychosocial disabilities. Elizabeth is currently working with the African Disability Forum, a member of the International Disability Alliance in a program that seeks to support more persons with disabilities to be in formal employment. Elizabeth is passionate in advocating for an inclusive society where all persons with disabilities enjoy all their human rights.

As a trained journalist, Elizabeth uses the media, both traditional and social media, including her own blog, to create awareness on the need for inclusion for all persons with disabilities and actively engages to promote those groups with disabilities who are traditionally left behind.

Takes part in sessions