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5–11 April 2014



Urban Equity in Development – Cities for Life

About WUF7

The main theme of the Seventh session of the World Urban Forum was “Urban Equity in Development – Cities for Life”.

The Seventh Session of the World Urban Forum was held in Medellin, Colombia, 5-11 April 2014, organized and convened by the Executive Director of UN-Habitat in collaboration with the Government of Colombia and the Municipality of Medellin that offered to host the Forum.

Participants unfolded the subject in the light of the concerns on growing inequalities at all levels around the world through the various sessions provided by the Forum’s format, articulating on how to integrate effectively urban equity in the development agenda to ensure a sustainable transformative change in an increasingly urbanized world.

Main Facts

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WUF7 Dialogues

Together with the main theme of the Forum, six substantive sub-themes were identified and allowed to address specific aspects of the urban development domain, vis-à-vis the main theme of the Forum. These were unfolded during the six Dialogues organized as principal elements of the Forum’s format which includes interaction with the audience and were the following: “Urban equity in development law”, “Urban planning and design for social cohesion”, “Basic services: Local Businesses for equitable cities”, “Innovative financing instruments for local authorities”, “Raising standards for urban resilience”, “A safe city as a just and equitable city”.

Dialogues’ speakers were accurately selected based on quality; ensuring a regional and gender balance as well as the provision of a variety of perspectives from different partner’s groups, ranging from Academia, private sector, national and local authorities, civil society, etc. Speakers from Least Developed Countries (LDCs) were also represented at the Dialogues.

Key Focus Areas


Equity in Urban Development Law


Urban Planning and Design for Social Cohesion


Basic Services: Local Businesses for Equitable Cities


Innovative Financing Instruments for Local Authoritie


Raising Standards of Urban Resilience


A Safe City as a Just and Equitable City


Session Speakers