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Paula Bernarda Granja Villacís

Paula Bernarda  Granja Villacís

Fundación Diálogo Diverso | National Coordinator of Psychosocial Area

Paula Bernarda  Granja Villacís

Paula Bernarda is a clinical psychologist by Universidad de las Américas (UDLA), diplomat in cultural speeches in sexualities by Universidad Iberoamericana de CDMX, cooperated in UDLA’s Applied Psychology Center, Ecuadorian Red Cross and private health Center Suportamed, being the main area of work gender, sexualities and psychotherapy. Co-founder and active member of CONATUS, “Laboratory” of Sexual Experience for academic purpose. Works in Diálogo Diverso since 2020, startin with psychosocial assessments and currently coordinating the National Psychosocial Area. Her work focuses on LGBTIQ+ people in situation of human mobility or survivors of gender-based violence. She is working on projects with national and international cooperation that allow people to access mental health services.

Takes part in sessions