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Lara Kinneir

Lara Kinneir

London Interdisciplinary School | Associate Professor

Lara Kinneir

Lara is a designer that forges bold relationships to seek spatial justice and deliver design to improve life for people and planet.

She is Associate Professor at the London Interdisciplinary School, a new university that will give students the knowledge and skills needed to address social and global problems in an increasingly interconnected world.

With a multidisciplinary design and strategy background, Lara has worked in architectural and urban design practices, academia, local government and the charity sector for the past 20 years, bringing design to places where it is lacking yet holds the potential to be transformational.

She is an ambassador for strategic design, an envoy for the values that design can deliver, with a vocational commitment that listening to many minds can be distilled into the strongest solution.

Takes part in sessions