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Who can participate?

Applicants should complete the WUF registration form based on partner category at time of registration. Below are the categories available:

National Government

Heads of States of Governments – Representatives of Government and Diplomats

Local and Regional Government

Federal Governments or State Representatives, Mayors, Deputy Mayors, Counselors, Provisional Governors and Provisional Administration Representatives, Local Authority Associations, City Councils, Townships, Prefectures and Provinces


Members of National, Regional or Federal Parliaments

Inter-Governmental Organizations

Regional Organizations, Regional Banks and International Financial Institutions, Regional Economic Communities, International Cultural, Scientific or Linguistic Organizations

Civil Society Organizations

Non-Governmental Organization representatives, Representatives of Women and Youth organizations, Social Movements, Indigenous People Organizations, Faith based organizations, Community Based Organizations, Trade Unions


Foundation Representatives

Private Sector

Private Sector Companies, Multinational Companies, Individual Private Businesses, Business Associations, Chamber of Commerce

United Nations System

UN Agencies, UN Programmes, UN Departments, UN Offices and Funds, Regional Economic Commissions, UN Councils, other UN Entities


Academic, Librarians, Researchers, Research Assistants, University Staff, Students and Professors


Journalists, Cameramen, Photographers, Media Representatives


Citizens who wish to attend the World Urban Forum.
Nationals of the host country Egypt, who wish to attend the World Urban Forum and other citizens residing in Egypt.

How to participate?

Download the App

to follow sessions online or take part in discussions remotely

Registration is required to participate in person or online.
After the application is downloaded and installed, you will be asked to provide the email address that was used during the online registration. App Manual

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