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Unleashing the transformational potential of the New Leipzig Charter

Johannes Riegler



Monday, June 27, 2022


Multifunction Hall Room 10
JPI Urban Europe
Integrated Governance in Spatial Planning for a More Just, Green, and Healthy Urban Future
NE 10


The New Leipzig Charter is a key policy framework document for sustainable urban development in Europe, endorsed by the informal council of EU ministers on urban matter. It focusses on the transformative power of cities for the common good and calls for cities to have a stronger role in decision making at both national and EU level. Furthermore, the New Leipzig Charter identifies three dimensions for urban transitions - the just city, the green city, and the productive city. While each priority calls for dedicated actions, the interrelationships, synergies, conflicts and interdependencies between these dimensions must be considered to truly achieve sustainability and climate neutrality. This session aims at discussing the thematic linkages, potentials and critical issues in and between the three dimensions of the New Leipzig Charter and cities’ needs to drive urban transitions along these dimensions in an integrated approach. It will highlight key issues to empower cities to unleash their transformative potential in terms of rethinking governance processes, openness to innovative approaches and learning loops to make evidence based decisions. The session will consist of short inputs / key statements by the panellists à 7-8 minutes, followed by a panel discussion. Participants are asked to provide their input and feedback via an interactive conference / workshop tool (www.mentimenter). The session will be co-organised by JPI Urban Europe and the German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building.


- Identifying the intersections between the thematic priorities of the New Leipzig Charter and what are the consequences for integrated urban development - Identifying the expected trade-offs, conflicts and synergies between the three Leipzig Charter dimension and how they correlate to each other - Identifying the capacities required to realise the transformational potential of the Leipzig Charter? - Exchange on how urban research and innovation support local public administration and municipalities in their ambitions - Exchange on how co-creation and experimental formats (such as urban living labs) which bring together city administrations, research and innovation communities, civil society organisation etc. enable the implementation on local scale

Session speakers

Ms. Margit Noll
Driving Urban Transition Partnership
Ms. Dominique Breier
Officer for the department for urban development policies
German Federal Ministry for Housing, Urban Development and Building
Mr. Luc Faraldi
Coordinateur Politiques Internationale
French National Agency for the Cohesion of Territories
Ms. tba tba
City of Leipzig
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