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Making Sense of the SDGs in Cities: Sustainable Cities SDG Sensemaking Tool workshop, Finland case

Ville Taajamaa



Monday, June 27, 2022


Is over
Multifunction Hall Room 12
SDG46 and
Ministry of the Environment
Transforming Cities through Innovative Solutions and Technologies
NE 12


The event will follow a hybrid format and will alternate interventions from the different Finnish and international partners, local and regional governments representatives, as well as representatives from the national association of local governments and international organizations. The organization of the debate will seek to promote the knowledge sharing, discussion on best practices and innovative methodologies to accelerate the implementation of the SDGs at local level, specifically based on the work of the Finnish VLR Cities, in coordination with the national association and relevant ministries. Participants will specifically hear about the SDG Sensemaking Tool developed to facilitate local governments’ work on localizing the SDGs. Participants will be able to join in-person and online and will equally follow the discussion. Speakers and the audience will be encouraged to think about concrete proposals for the construction of bold and leveraging alliances to promote a transformative urban future.


i. To showcase how national governments can trigger an enabling framework to promote sustainable development in cities while advancing the implementation of the SDGs. ii. To provide a hands-on dialogue on how to accelerate local level action and promote enabling frameworks to support the development of activities undertaken by cities and municipalities and support. iii. To present the case study of the network of the six largest cities in Finland and the SDG Sensemaking Tool and conduct a peer exchange on what is the value, challenges and how could it be implemented in other contexts. iv. To endorse innovative local sustainable action and foster the dialogue on how to make sense of the SDGs at local level. v. To discuss how the Finland multilevel ecosystem works and coordinate action to advance SDG localization

Session speakers

Ms. Virve Hokkanen
Programme Manager
Ministry of the Environment
Ms. Mia Malin
Programme Manager
City of Helsinki/Mayors Office
Mr. Ville Taajamaa
Programme Manager
City of Espoo/Mayors Office